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How To Save Whatsapp Status? Google File Manager

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How To Save Whatsapp Status?

 Users see the status of the users included in their contact list daily, to save many of these images, users take screenshots, the same users are not able to save the video in their smartphone, so with the help of Google file app, you can download WhatsApp status. You can download it from the Google File Play Store in the phone by clicking the icon that appears on the left corner, the Settings menu Click Click above, after that, you have to enable the show hidden file.

 Click on the internal storage of the file app, you will find photos and videos in the WhatsApp status by going to another folder status folder in the media folder inside the WhatsApp folder. Let me tell you that only you will get the photos and videos that you have seen, any of your friends have never put any status before, which you saw only then you can save it, you can copy the photo and video in another folder.

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