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Facial Recognition System: How it works | How To Shop Without Cash, card, Wallet | How is it Secure

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Facial recognition system

Facial recognition is a technique with the help of which you can find out who this person is. Facial
recognition is a means by which it is identified by its data. You will see this technology in every
smartphone. Most of the people are now installing facial recognition lock system in smartphones along
with fingerprint lock. Similar online glasses selling company is also helping people to find the right

glasses by making their 3D face on the app with the help of facial recognition sitting at home. Facial recognition software has already been used on a large scale. To track people and catch criminals
or has proved to be quite helpful. Now the Facial Recognition System is being decided to be used to ease the payment process in the country.

How Facial recognition  work

Facial recognition is a type of biometric system. There are many types of points in our face which are
called nodal points. Facial recognition has 80 nodes points from which it makes a face print. These
faceprints are used for payment. For this, you have to link your face to a bank account. Your complete
data link is with face. After this, shoppers without cash or QR codes scan your face with the help of a
Point of Sale {POS} machine which has a camera and the money is automatically deducted from your

Facial recognition system in china

Buyers in China are shopping without cash, no card, no wallet and even without a smartphone. People
are buying goods just by showing their face. Actually, China has adopted a facial recognition system.
In which people only have to scan their face. After this technique, now the QR (Quick Response) code
is also starting to seem old fashioned. Now the thing to be seen is that today when cybercrime has
grown so much, then how safe will this medium of transaction prove to be. Similarly, to eliminate the
hassle of remembering passwords and to make the online shopping experience easier, MasterCard has
launched Identity Check Express. With the help of Identity Check Express, payment of online shopping
can now be done by showing face or thumb. MasterCard has given customers the option of secure
payment from increasing fraud in online shopping.

How is it secure: the facial recognition system.

If there are advantages of facial recognition technology then there are some disadvantages. This is a
great software for making payments. For this, we need more hardware. Also, the biggest problem
today is data security and privacy. Don't know where this data will be stored. Even though it is a new
technology, it is the most unsafe way to collect data by facial recognition. Can this technology be
trusted without security and privacy?

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