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5 Yoga Applications: Make a special 'Yoga Day' This Year [21 June 2019]

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5 Yoga Applications: Make a special 'Yoga Day' This Year [21 June 2019]

Yoga Information

Yoga is a part of our culture. The whole world is its addict. Today, Yoga Day is celebrated in the whole world as a festival. India, called the yoga guru, is said to be the father of yoga only. We will celebrate Yoga Day a few days later. But if the relationship with yoga is such a thing then it will be better for us. In this adventurous life, you have some applications in the world of the Internet that can help you. Yoga completely changes the way we live our life. Yoga does not only make our body but also healthy. Scientists have used so many experiments on people who make yoga and they get shocking results in those who do yoga. Compared to the ordinary person who does not do yoga, the yoga practitioners were found to be more healthy and full of internal energy. People taking yoga take the decision to do any task more efficiently than an ordinary person.

When Yoga Day is Celebrated

The theme for International Yoga Day 2019 is Climate Action and it will be celebrated at the United Nations on Thursday (June 20) followed by a panel discussion on June 21.If you also want to adopt yoga in your life, then it is one of the best decisions in your life. You can take advantage of some good yoga guru to do this and learn. If you do not have any yoga teacher around you, then you can use your mobile phone by using it. In this blog, you will be told in the midst of 5 such applications, with the help of which you can learn yoga and making your body and mind healthy.

Yoga Application

Five Minute Yoga

Five Minute Yoga is a very easy app. In this, small videos have been given to practice yoga. Five-minute yoga features a daily reminder, timer, different yoga feature for different days. However, you can post a subscription to see more videos.

Down Dog App

Yoga has been divided into several phases in this app. Apart from this, there are exercise tips in it too. This app also has Google Fit support, offline support, and voice guidance feature. In this application, you will get good music listening during yoga. This application will be available in PlayStore for you absolutely free.

Pocket Yog App

If yoga is the thing for the app then the name of Pocket Yoga app definitely comes. Yoga has been shown with a photo in it. In this, yoga instructors have given information about more than 200 Asano.

Daily Yoga  App

In the Daily Yoga app, you will find many types of videos in addition to more than 500 postures, 200 yoga classes, and trained yoga teachers.

Yoga Studio

The yoga studio is not just yoga but also a meditation app. There are also 130 videos in it. In which you can learn meditation for 5 to 60 minutes.

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