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[PDF]What Type(10) of Backlinks Do You Need RightNow? [2019 Best SEO Tips]

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                What Type of Backlinks Do You Need RightNow?

[PDF]What Type(10) of Backlinks Do You Need RightNow? [2019 Best SEO Tips]

 Hello, I have found your website www.diziindia.com by searching Google for "business free from health home make money risk work". I think our websites have a similar theme, so have already added your link to my website. You can find your link here: http://www.suspiciousdomain.com/news/insert-random-keyword-phrase-here.html Readytounravelthebacklinkingpuzzle?Let’sbeginwiththetypesofbacklinksyoumustavoid. 4 backlink sources you should test
● Google’salgorithmdoesnot count backlinks equally.Links in the footer, sidebar and navigation doesn’t carry much weight.
 ● If you try to game the search giant with blackhat techniques, you're going together with a penalty and lose your traffic.
 ● You’ve to seek links from trusted sites that have zero spam association.
 ● Here are 4 specific types of backlinks that aren’t effective now. 1. Low-quality article directory submission websites
 ● If a website does not add value to its audience and contains spun/duplicate content, then it holds a poor image in Google’s eyes.
 ● Soavoidspammydirectories that solely exist top publish low-quality content and provide do-follow links to webmasters.
● Paid directories like DMoz may work.
● Similarlyyoushouldalsoavoidlow-quality guest posting opportunities. It’sconsideredas scraped content by Google.
● Asingleguestpostonarelevanthigh-authoritywebsiteinyournichewilloutdo10guest posts from irrelevant websites. 2. Performing link exchanges scale

● A few links between your own websites will work fine.But if your backlink profile consists solely of exchanges from spammy websites, it’ll raisearedflaginGoogle’seyes.
● Irrelevant reciprocal links between websites can also lead to a penalty.
● Soavoidautomatedoutreachemails for building links like the one below.
 3. Thousands of automatically generated links from web 2.0 properties
● Don’t buy those $5 Fiverr gigs promising 25,000 backlinks.
● Thelinksaregeneratedfromtoolsusingweb2.0propertiesBlogger, Squidoo, WordPress and Hubpages.
 ● They are low-quality and such high link velocity will invite ap enaltyfromGoogle. 4. Paid links that pass PageRank
● Ifyou’rebuying/selling backlinks and leave footprints,thenGoogle’sgoingtocomeafter you.
● Soallyoursponsoredlinksmustcontainarel=nofollowtag.ElseGoogleconsidersthemas link schemes trying to manipulate PageRank. 3 circumstances to help you determine your backlinking type Hereare3commonbusiness conditions to help you pursue the most appropriate backlinking opportunities (along with actionable techniques to acquire backlinks).
1. If you get under 100 website visitors/day
● While the liftin your search rankings will take place later, it's always nice to see a spike in your analytics.Right?
● We’ve got some good news for you in that case.
 ● The best kind of backlinks also draws referral traffic to your website.
● Soifyou’reatthebeginningstageofbuildingyourwebsite,hereare3strategiesyoucan use to score backlinks.
● Guest Posting – Building your personal brand is pivotal to your blog’s growth. And guest blogging on authority websites in your niche is a great way to build your brand image.
● Googlehascrackeddownonspammyguestpostingandkeyword-rich anchor text guest post links.
● But you can still post on relevant blogs and link to your own contextually relevant and useful content. Itmighthelpyouinrankingfor long-tail keywords.
● GuestographicMethod–As you start guestposting, you’ll not that many blogs only allow author bio nofollow links that don’t carry any link juice.
● This is where infographics can help you.Youcanusethemtobuildcontextuallyrelevant backlinks from your article’s body.
● Social Media Marketing – More social shares don’t guarantee higher search rankings. But social media is a great channel for getting exposure for your content and increasing your perceived value.
● ItalsohelpsGooglebuildtrustwithmoredatapointsaboutyourbrand.
● Withmorebrandvisibility, you can increase your domain authority and earn rankings without backlinks.
● Besides the big social media platforms, you can also try social bookmarking websites like Reddit.
● Everyupvoteisequivalentto2-5visitors.Andyoucangetupwardsof10,000pageviewsif you post strategically. 2. You’ve a backbone of quality and authoritative content
● Once you touch a handful amount of daily visitors, you should craft a meaty piece of compelling content that adds value to your audience.
● Choosinganin-demand subject for writing is critical for this high-quality content.
● Here are2 strategies that will help you find a relevant content topic and promote your cornerstone content to score backlinks.
● Skyscraper Technique – This is an extremely effective strategy. Because even before you start creating your resource, it’s guaranteed to generate interest from your audienceand other webmasters. The strategy simply involves: i. reverse engineering a link a blessed tiny our industry(usingAhrefsandBuzzSumo). ii. creating even more insightful, valuable, updated and better-designed piece of content. iii. Reaching out to website owners to link to the original linkable asset.You can also reach out to bloggers you niche who do weekly roundup sand best of posts/resources.
● Internal Linking – If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ll know that we regularly refer to our other articles
● Deeplinkingtoyourauthoritativecontentfromrelevantblogpostshelpsyourwebsite’s overall SEO.
● Bydistributinglinkjuicetointernalpages.Andastherankingpowerdistributes throughout your whole site, your homepage’s authority also increases.
● Internallinksalsoaidthewebsite’snavigationandenhanceitscrawlability.
● Bypresentingmoreuseful informationonasubjecttoyour readers, you can also reduce your bounce rate and increase your average on-page time.
 ● Justensurethatallthelinks to your cornerstone sky scrape content are from relevant blog posts with different anchor texts. 3. Your business doesn’t have a budget for creating high-quality content
● Let’s face it–It’sdifficulttocreatehigh-qualitycontent. It is all so costly to outsource content marketing. But most backlinking strategies rely on content creation.
● You can follow these 3 backlinking techniques.
● broken link building(BLB)–Thisaclassiclinkbuildingstrategythatworksbecauseyou add value to the internet by offering to repair a broken link.
● It’sbasedontheprinciple of reciprocity.Since you add value toa webmaster by finding broken links on his website, he is likely to return the favour with a link to your website.
 ● It’smoreeffectiveinacompetitiveniche(likemakemoneyonlineandhealth)because you’ll find a lot of websites experiencing link rot.
● BrianDeantakesBLBastepfurther–moving a method(MMM).Firsthesearchesfor an outdated piece of content. Then he contacts webmasters linking to the outdated page (which are working technically).
● IfyouwanttogetstartedwithBLB, then read this broken beltline building guide.
● You don’t need content to score backlinks with.But if you combine it with other tactics like the skyscraper, then it’ll shoot up your success rate.
 ● Get interviewed or quoted throughHARO – Media websites have a huge amount of traffic and high domain authorities.
● Andit’spossibletogetmentionsby the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur HuffingtonPost by signing up for Help A Reporter Out (HARO).
● Just sign up as a source. Pickup relevant journalist requirement from the emails you receive.
● Andaddresseveryquestioninthequery in detail in your pitch email.
● That’s all it takes to pick up a high-quality link fromHARO.
● It’salsopossibletogetinterviewedbypopularblogs without being an expert.Read this guide by Ann Smarty.
● Reverse-engineer your competitors – Itultimatelyboilsdowntohow your competitors are building links.
● So the last strategy is to buy a premium backlinking tool subscription and outdo your competitors.
● You can filter the backlinking opportunities suitable for your business.Like not requiring content.
● Hereisaguidethatdiscussedabouthow you can harvest your competitor’s backlinks using Scrapebox. Email Outreach Scripts

1. GUEST BLOGGING Prospecting: 

1. Find the top blogs in your industry. 2. Search for blogs that already accept guest authors via Google Search using these operators:
• “write for us” + “industry” • “contribute” + “industry”
• “guest post by” + “industry” Outreach Template: Subject: Writing for Example.com Hey [First Name], I’m [Your Name], and I write at [Yoursite.com]. I’m also a regular contributor at [mention a popular blog in your space]. Anyway, I’m writing to you because I have some really interesting content ideas that I strongly feel will be perfect for [Example.com]’s audience. Optional: I’ve been following [abbreviation of their blog’s name] for quite some time now, and I have even mentioned your article about [insert topic of their past article] on this piece I’ve written [insert link to your post that links to them] a while back. I can send you the topics I have in mind if you’re still open to a new guest authors. I appreciate the time and really looking forward to working together. Cheers! [Your Name] Keys to Success:
 • Familiarity – mentioning that you’ve already contributed for a blog that they know about (particularly those that have strict editorial guidelines) can increase their interest in what you can offer to them (and can also prove credibility).
• Another way to make prospects become more familiar with your work is by linking to them in your other content initiatives (through your own content or guest posts on other sites). Do this before contacting them, especially with your high-end prospects; this should help increase your chances of getting a response.
• It’s sometimes better to send your list of content ideas on you to follow up email or as soon as they respond. This will allow you to have more time to do research on their audience and brainstorm on the topics they haven’t covered yet.
 • Send shorter emails for initial contact (they’ll have higher response rates), as you can always send a more thorough email as soon as you get a response from your prospects (in which you can improve your closing rate). And for a more advanced approach for your guest blogging outreach, especially when you’ve been already accepted and featured as a contributor on other high traffic sites in your space


Find “Resources” and “Useful Links” pages via Google Search using the following queries:
• “keyword” + inurl:resources/
• “keyword” + inurl:links/ • “keyword” + “useful links”
 • “keyword” + “helpful resources”
Outreach Template: Subject: Question about [Site Name] Hey [First Name], My name is [Your Name] and I just came across your resource page for [target audience]: [insert link to their resources page] I work with [Company Name], which [brief description of what the company does and can freely offer]: [insert link to the target page relevant to their resources page] It might make a good addition to your page and provide a lot of value to your visitors. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. Thanks, [First Name]. Cheers! [Your Name] Keys to Success:
• Personalization – know who their resources pages are intended for, so you can easily connect why your page will be valuable to their visitors.
• Solid content to offer as a resource that should be genuinely helpful/useful to their intended visitors.
• Offer to help – because sometimes, these webmasters will look for exchange link opportunities too.


Find Resources/Links pages that host broken links (404 errors) using CheckMyLinks(Chrome plugin). Use Ahrefs to find other pages linking to the broken page (reach out to them too). Outreach Template: Subject: Found a broken link on [Site Name] Hey [First Name], This link directing to [Site Name with 404 pages] doesn’t work anymore: [insert URL of the broken link] Found this through your useful links section for [topic of their resource page]: [insert URL of their resources page] Also, just thought that this content from [Your Site] will perfectly fit your list of resources [additional comment on why your content deserves to make it on their list]. Your visitors should find that useful: [insert URL to your page] Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with Thanks, [First Name]! [Your Name] Keys to Success:
 • Be direct and straight to the point.
• Make sure that the content you’ll be suggested to be included on the resources page is highly relevant to its theme and its target audience.
• If you can create a better version to replace the defunct page they are linking to, that could yield better results. Use the Wayback Machine to check how those broken pages looked like before.


 What is Linker Outreach? Basically, it’s reaching out to publishers (and industry linkers) who already have a history of linking or sharing articles related to your content. They are usually receptive, as they have already shown interest in a certain topic in the past. How to find linkers in your industry:
 • Check the sites/blogs linking to your competitors’ content that’s similar to yours. Use link research tools like Ahrefs or Moz Open Site Explorer.
 • Find out who is sharing and amplifying their content on social media using BuzzSumo. Outreach Template: Subject: Hey [First Name]! Hey [First Name], Saw your post on [Topic], and noticed that you’ve shared [competitors’ name and topic]. Just thought that this piece on [the topic of your content, and how it differs from your competitor’s] I recently published might be valuable to your readers/followers as well. [insert link to your content] Thanks, [First Name]! [Your Name] The approach can also work on promoting your content to your own followers who have shared or linked to your other content in the past.

Keys to Success: 

• Your content should be better (10x content) than the ones they are already linking to.
• No need to give them instructions, since you are reaching out to natural linkers. They usually know what to do next (to share or link – depends on how worthy they think it is).
• Make the partnership mutual – offer to link to their best content too (link exchange specifically for content assets).


Below are some of the ways you can pitch other bloggers and publishers for collaboration and content partnerships. UPDATE OLD CONTENT Prospecting: Use Google Search to find old and outdated content on topic areas you want to focus on. Set the time (on Tools) to “custom range” to filter the results to only show posts from years ago. Outreach Template: Subject: Outdated content on [Site Name] Hey [First Name], I came across your post on [Topic] that you’ve published back in [Year]: [insert link to old post] The content was well put together, though some of the ideas and information in it is already outdated. Just thought of asking if you have any plans for updating this content? By the way, my name is [Your Name], and I work with [Your Site], where we’ve written dozens of practical guides about [Industry]. I know you have a lot on your plate, but I was just thinking that perhaps I can write the updated version for you instead. Let me know if you’ll be interested to collaborate on a [2017 version of the topic]. I would love to help in any way possible. PS: What’s in it for me? Just want the exposure as a co-author for one of your blog posts [Your Name] Keys to Success:

• A good content portfolio that you can showcase as work samples. • Attach (or send a follow-up email with) a brief outline for the updated a version of the content you’ll be creating (including new content sections that the original copy didn’t have).

• The draft of the content’s new version should also contain internal links pointing to their other useful resources.


 Subject: Visual Content version of [Site Names & Title of Post] Hey [First Name], My name is [Your Name], and I work with [Your Site]. I came across your piece on [Topic]: [insert URL to their content] Just wanted to ask if it’s okay with you if we make a visual content based on your article (we’ll definitely include your logo on the graphic). We’re planning to use it for an upcoming guide we’re creating (where we’d also link back to you). And we’ll probably distribute the graphic to other publications as well. We can send you the final draft over so you can check. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, [First Name]. [Your Name] Keys to Success:
• Create a well-designed visual content version of their text-based content (or portion of their article). They will most likely use it if they find it visually appealing.
• Give appropriate attribution. Mentioning that you’ll include their logo on the graphic will improve your chances of getting them on board with the idea.
 • Note: You can also explore other content formats, such as turning their content into audio, video, slide deck, graphs/charts, email newsletter, printable PDF, etc… GETTING FEATURED ON NEWSLETTERS Prospecting: Find blogs/sites on a related niche/industry that you can partner up with (that provide newsletters as well). Preferably sites that aren’t directly competing with yours but cater to the same audience (ex: if you’re running online store selling cameras, find photography blogs). Outreach Template: Subject: We want to feature [Site Name] on our monthly newsletter Hey [First Name], My name is [Your Name], and I work with [Your Site]. We have a consistently growing list of subscribers who are really into [Niche/Industry] and currently, we have [xxx number of email subscribers]. Anyway, we’re actively seeking for partners we can feature for our monthly newsletter about [Topic Area]. Just wanted to ask if you have any products, service or guides that we can promote to our subscribers, as we believe that your business will also, be beneficial to our audience. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in. Thanks, [First Name]! Quick question: how does one get featured on your newsletter or website? I think we may also have something that your followers will find really valuable. [Your Name] Keys to Success:
• The number of email subscribers – so you can ensure you’ll put more eyeballs on their content.
• Your site, products, and content are well-branded. No one wants to be associated with crappy websites.


 Find active guest bloggers in your space and invite them to write for your site too. It’s one of the best ways to absorb followers from influencers. And aside from getting them to share their content published on your website on their social networks, they almost always link out to their own past works (including their guest posts). Outreach Template: Subject: Hey [First Name] – Write for our readers at [Site Name] Hey [First Name], I’ve been seeing you everywhere! I was able to read your post on [Site 1 where they wrote a guest blog] and [Site 2 where they wrote a guest blog]. Fantastic work! Anyway, I wanted to touch base to see if you’d be interested to write for [Your Site]as well. We have a continuously growing readership and we currently have [xxx number of monthly pageviews]. Our readers will certainly be ecstatic to see you on our blog. Let me know your thoughts, as we can publish your entry right away. Thanks, [First Name]. [Your Name] Keys to Success:
• Your site must have substantial traffic, strong readership and social following to attract influential bloggers in your space (which means you need to have high-quality content published on your site as well).
• A decent DA (domain authority) should also help increase your chances of getting them on board.


 This is the second phase for the tactic above. Follow the sites where the guest bloggers on your site have been published as well. Then contact them to seek for guest blogging opportunities for your brand too. Outreach Template: Subject: Writing for [Site Name] – found you through [Guest blogger’s name]. Hey [First Name], I’ve just read [Guest Blogger’s Name] post on [Site Name]. [Guest Blogger’s Name] did an amazing job on his guest post for our site too:[insert a link to guest blogger’s post on your site]. By the way, I’m [Your Name], and I write at [Your Site]. Optional: I’m also a regular contributor at [mention a popular site in your space]. Anyway, I just want to ask if you’re still open to new guest authors for [abbreviation of their Site’s Name]. Because I have a few interesting content ideas I want to run by you, if that’s okay? Let me know. Thanks, [First Name]. [Your Name] Key to Success:
• Credibility – you’ll need proof that you can also deliver the same quality of content as the “guest blogger” did. A mutual contact is enough to get your prospects’ attention, but it will still come down to the value you can actually offer to them/their readers.


 A lot of publishers these days have editorial calendars. Which means they already have a bunch of content topics lined up to be created or published for the next few weeks (if not months). Suggesting content elements (such as data, visual content, research, or interviews you did) relevant to any of their upcoming content could potentially lead them to mention/linking to you as a resource (hat tip to Art of Emails for this approach). Prospecting: Start with the top blogs in your space that publish content regularly (twice or even more per week). Contact writers/columnists from these publications directly, if possible (since they are the ones who do the research). Outreach Template: Subject: Research on [Topic] you can use for [Site Name] Hey [First Name], I’ve been an avid reader of [Site Name] for quite some time now – and I really love how detailed and well-researched your guides are. I can only imagine the time you spent working on those. Anyway, I noticed that you’ve been writing a lot about [Topic Area] lately and just wondering if you’re planning to write about [Specific Topic] any time soon? I’ve been gathering some public data and been interviewing some influencers in the [Industry] space about their views on [problem + specific topic]. Just thought that you might be interested in the insights I’d be able to get. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, [First Name]. [Your Name] Keys to Success: • Familiarity – throw in some big names in your industry that could take part in your research/survey/interviews. • Highlight key data points you’ve found out from your own research (collected public data) to make your pitch more interesting. • Pitch the same idea to other publishers. Since you’re only providing them with the research they can build content around on – or support an existing idea that they already plan to work on.


Find infographics that cover the same topic(s) as yours. Then look for the sites that use them, and make a list of them. There are two ways to do this:
 • Reverse Image search via Google Image search (upload or enter the URL of the image/infographic).
• Reverse engineer the landing page/original source of the infographic using link monitoring tools like Ahrefs. You can also search for text-heavy content related to your infographic’s topic (that could make use of your visual content). Outreach Template: Subject: Data Visualization for [Site Name] Hey [First Name], I’m [Your Name], and I work with [Your Site]. I’m reaching out to you because I saw your article on [Topic] and I noticed that you’ve included [Competitor Site]’s infographic on your post: [insert URL of the post with competitor’s infographic] We’ve recently created an infographic on [summary or key data point that your visual content covers] just thought that you might want to see it as well: [insert URL to your infographic] And here are some of the key [stats/ideas] that really stood out from our research:
• [Stat/Idea 1]
 • [Stat/Idea 2]
• [Stat/Idea 3]
I would love to know if this is something you’d be interested to include in your article or perhaps feature in one of your next articles (we can definitely, send more useful insights if needed). Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, [First Name]. [Your Name] Keys to Success:
• Design – it’s 50% of the battle.
 • Content of the infographic. Focus on actionable data and insights that people will actually make use of. • Explore more image-based content such as checklists, cheat sheets or kinetic typography.


Focus on industry-specific blogs and journalists who actively write about your target industry. Seeing that they are the ones who can easily come up with content topics based on data (even with a small set of data). Outreach Template: Subject: Hey [First Name] – Useful data for [Site Name] Hey [First Name], I’ve just read your article on [Topic] at [Site Name]. Just thought that this collection of data we’ve gathered on [Topic] might get you and your readers interested as well: See attached doc. [attach a document containing collected data – could also be a data visualization] The data we’ve collected revealed a few interesting stats: 1. [Data 1] 2. [Data 2] 3. [Data 3] Let me know if there are any other statistics you’d be interested to look at. And feel free to use [Your Site]’s research on any of your future article. Thanks, [First Name]. [Your Name] Keys to Success:
 • Exclusivity – offering unpublished data would get many of these publishers/journalists become more interested in the idea of writing about it if they think that access to your data/tip is only limited to a few.So including words such as “exclusively for” within your outreach copy may also help increase your closing rate.Tip: It’s still best not to use templates for your outreach copy if you’re targeting high-end prospects for digital PR and media coverage.
 • Flexibility – let them know that you can also offer other statistics in case they need/want more. It’s also a great way to build long-term relationships with industry bloggers/journalists, wherein you’ll basically become a researcher for them (in exchange for links).
• Targeting – make sure you are pitching data that are really relevant to these writers’ target audience. You can use your company’s (or clients) internal data – or compile publicly available data related to your industry that will be insightful to their audience. Other Useful Resources:
• How to Get Media Coverage – 25 tips from the pros
• How to Get Major Media Coverage for your Business with no connections

9. LINK RECLAMATION What is Link Reclamation?

 Link reclamation is the process of finding unlinked mentions of your brand assets or broken links pointing to your site coming from other websites, and then contacting them to request for proper link attribution to your website. Prospecting:
1. Google Search:
 • “brand name” –link:yoursite.com –site:yoursite.com 2. Using tools with mention tracking features like:
• Mention.net
 • Ahrefs
• Google Alerts Outreach Template (for unlinked brand mentions): Subject: Hey [First Name] – Thanks for mentioning [Your Site] Hey [First Name], First off, thank you for mentioning [Your Brand] on your article on [Topic]: [insert URL of the content that mentions your brand] Anyway, I’m reaching out to you because we’ve recently updated our website. And we’re just wondering if it would be possible for you to include a link to our site as well, in case your readers want to know more about what we do. [insert link to your website] Thanks, [First Name], [Your Name] Outreach Template (for broken links): Subject: Hey [First Name] – broken link on [Site Name] Hey [First Name], I’m [Your Name], and I work at [Your Site]. First off, thank you for mentioning [Your Brand] on your article on [Topic]: [insert URL of the content that mentions your brand] Although, we’ve already moved the page you were originally linking to [insert a broken link to your site] here: [insert new URL] I just thought of sending you a heads up so you can update the link, if it’s still possible. Thanks, [First Name]. [Your Name] Key to Success:
• They are already aware of your brand, so you’ll have a higher closing rate using this method. Though the tactic works best for brands who have already established themselves as an authority in their space.


Using Google Search:
• “keyword/topic” + resources + inurl:.edu/.ac.uk/.edu.au • “keyword/topic” + useful links + inurl.edu/.ac.uk/.edu.au Note: A lot of these academic resources pages usually contain broken links, given that many of them have aged and aren’t updated that much (so the broken link building approach would work well on this aspect). Outreach Template #1: Subject: RE: [Topic] Resources Hi [First Name], I hope this email finds you well. I’ve been doing research on [Specific Topic] and some of the resources you’ve listed on your academic resources for [Topic Area] have been very useful to a project I’m working on: [insert URL of their academic resource page] Thank you, they have been really valuable for my research. I also wanted to ask if you are still updating that page. I would like to report a few broken links and also suggest additional resources. Thanks, [First Name] [Your Name] Outreach Template #2: Subject: Have a library question Hi Ms./Mr. [Last Name] I came across your academic resources page about [Topic] – [insert URL of .edu resource page] and I really find it helpful! I was working on research for our [Subject] 101 class and I’m putting up a list of [Topic] guides and resources that college students can use. Your page was really handy, particularly [mention a specific content section from their resources page]. I also found a lot of good resources; I was wondering if you’d be able to update your list of resources? These are in-depth guides that I’m sure everyone will find useful, too. Here’s what I found: 1. [Title of Suggested Content 1] – [insert URL of content 1] – [brief summary and description of content] 2. [Title of Suggested Content 2] – [insert URL of content 2] – [brief summary and description of content] 3. [Title of Suggested Content 3] – [insert URL of content 3] – [brief summary and description of content] I hope it makes a great addition to your resources page. Either way, keep up the great work! Cheers, [Your Name] Keys to Success: • Only pitch highly educational content from your site/clients. Also, see the pages they’re already linking to – to have an idea of what sorts of content and information they like using as references. Make sure that your content can match up to the resources that these pages are already linking to (improve your content if necessary). • Suggest other valuable resources on the topic (other than yours) that will also, be useful to their students (particularly those that they haven’t linked out to yet).


 Find curated lists of the top experts and influential bloggers in your industry via Google search: • “top” + “industry” + experts • “top” + “industry” + blogs Outreach Template for Initial contact: Here’s a good template that Aaron Agius and his team at LouderOnline use when reaching out to influencers: Subject: Hey [name] – I want to pick your brain for a project Hi [name], My name is [your name] from [company]. I’ve been following your blog since 2013. Your recent post [blog topic] really resonated with me. I thought it was something my audience would appreciate, so I shared it with my social media and email subscribers. I wanted to get in touch with you to discuss [topic] further and see if we can work on something similar together. If you’re interested we can set up a phone call this week to discuss starting a collaboration that would bring value to both our audiences. Best, [your name] Outreach Template for Curation, Expert Round Ups, and Interviews: Subject: Interview request for [Full Name] Hey [First Name], I’m [Your Name] from [Your Company]. I’m working on an article about [Topic] that’s scheduled to go live in a couple of weeks and I just thought that you’re one of the best people in the industry to get some insights from. Just wanted to know your personal take on this question: [Interview Question(s)] Thanks for your time, [First Name]. It would really be great if you can share your expertise on this – I’m sure it will be valuable to a lot of [target audience]. All the best, [Your Name] Outreach Template for Influencer Mention: Subject: We’ve featured [Site Name] in our article Hey [First Name], I just wanted to let you know that I’ve mentioned your article about [Topic] in my recent post: [insert link to your post] Your work was really worth sharing to my audience. I would also love to know what you think about it if ever you have time. Thanks, [First Name] [Your Name] Keys to Success:
• Familiarity with your brand. Engaging them on social media or within their own community before actually reaching out to them directly should help get your email noticed.
• The content where you have featured them has a unique angle/story (different from what they are usually mentioned in) and genuinely provides value in your community.
 • Being clear on the actual value they’ll get in working with you.



• Always use your prospects’ name and their website’s name when contacting them.
 • Stalk your A-list prospects’ twitter feed, personal site or any social media accounts to help you come up with something more personal that you can mention on your email.
• Include memes within your outreach copy that are related to their personal hobbies and interests (if necessary).
• Show your personality on your outreach emails (and customize your templates to reflect your personality – great tip from Sujan Deswal)


• Mention their name or their website’s name on the subject line to improve open rates.
• The subject should also be able to summarize what your email is about. Get the message across from the get-go.
• Write the email body in a scannable format. Clean and concise.
• Write shorter emails for initial contact, because they tend to get better response rates (as you can always send a more thorough email once you get a response from them).
• Always double check your copy before sending – be specifically attentive with your copies’ grammar. As Julia Ogden points out, “if you can’t spell in your email, you can’t spell in your guest posts”. Recommended Reading: 10 ways to write better emails.


• Build rapport with your prospects (especially people on your priority list) through other channels (social media, community sites where they are active or leaving comments on their blogs), before reaching out through email.

• Mention mutual connections, sites you’ve been published that they know of or how you’ve found them in your email.


• Best times/days to send outreach emails: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings.
• Know your prospects’ time zones.
• If your offer/pitch is time-sensitive, let them know that it’s urgent (from the subject line).
• Send a follow-up email after 2-3 days if you haven’t received any response.
• Use Boomerang for Gmail to schedule your outreach emails.
• Always have a section where you can highlight the value they’ll get from your pitch.
• Be genuinely generous. Give them ideas that they can pursue even without your help (even if that means not getting a link). Also, don’t just compliment their work, share it or link to them.
• Tell them how your credibility (as an expert), followers/readers/email subscribers, and social influence will matter to them.


• Create a “write for us” page on your site, and optimize it for search – so you can attract active guest bloggers in your space. Negotiate linking opportunities for your brand as well through these incoming contacts (particularly those who write for other authority sites – ask to be introduced to sites they have been published).
 • Connect with people in your space through HARO. Ask advice from industry experts within the platform and use it on your content initiatives (since most of the people you’ll get connected with are either marketing or PR specialists in your space). Build relationships with them, as you can eventually get linking opportunities from these people as well.


• Use YesWare to track your emails open rates.
 • Maintain relationships. Follow them on social networks or send them occasional emails (like random inspirational quotes while checking on them, sharing social trends or current events in your industry, etc…) • Continuously test and improve your outreach copies.  (Written by Ankur Agrawal )


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