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How to Launch 5g Network in India | The report of ICRA | What are the saying Expert about 5G in India| India to get 5G 2022

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                   How to Launch 5g Network in India

How to launch 5G network in india

There is increasing enthusiasm among people around 5G around the world. Where people of India are talking like 5G There is a long wait for 5G technology in India. There are reports of the fact that the expansion of Infrastructure in the country this year is going to slow down. Due to the basic government structure and policy constraints, there are more problems arising. The existing telecom infrastructator is carrying the load of one billion users. Which needs to be expanded rapidly.
India's 5G dream will not be fulfilled by 2020 due to the absurd, thin fibre on the active network sharing and lack of proper standards. According to the report of ET, the government of Narendra Modi plans to launch 5G service by next year. The burden of heavy debt over the last few years, Idea, Vodafone and Indian Airtel have done a lot of network investment. And sharing the active and inactive network at the present time is very noble.

How to launch 5G network in india

Expert says that if the 5G is to be successful in India then big investments through fibre, small cell and mobile towers are essential. Telecommunication department has not been able to bring telecom tower companies to the Mainstream over the last few years. While he has a big role in India's digital service.
The system of dispersing fibre is still very small in India. The industry has found in its assessment that the 5G network of India will require 100 million fibre kilometres of optical fibre cable. Which has been only at the rate of 25 mfkm in the current period? The Government considers this a very important thing for high-speed data and by 2022 it is a big challenge to increase it to five times or 7.5 million. The aim of the National Policy is to equip Telecom towers with at least 60 per cent of fibre by 2022.

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According to the report of ICRA, fibre connectivity is extremely important to achieve high speed. India currently has 5 lakh towers and 22 per cent fibre. While this figure is 80 per cent in China. Prior to this, Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundarajan said that the department wants to set the benchmark how much fibre is being used for 4G and 5G every day. Now it has become a national priority. He also said that in the future if the industry had to reach 5G in the village then it would not be possible without fibre.

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