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what is Virus and how to Avoid them

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what is computer virus and how to avoid them

what is Virus and how to Avoid them

In today's digital era, I have all the resources from computer to smartphone and we use them with great intensity. But the easier it is to use these computers is equally difficult to keep these types of viruses avoided. In today's times, I want to move forward by giving every other danger to each other. They do not care about this watt, what is the situation in front of the person in front of him and what difficulties he is going through.

 In today's time, I have become more active for people to cheat online. The purpose of these people is to bring people's System Virus to harm their system and steal their personal information.
If we do what Definition of  Virus, then it can be defined as follows.


"Virus is a program and a piece of code that gets loaded on your computer without your knowledge, and acts against your wishes, and it keeps repeating itself. All Computer Virus menmade A simple virus keeps copying itself, though Simple Virus is also dangerous, because it hangs the system using all the remaining memory. " However, there are some dangerous viruses that are capable of bypass Network and Security System.

How To Avoid Virus

There are several ways to avoid Virus, some are online and some offline. Today we are going to talk about both methods.

Step 1

The first and easiest way is that you have to be a little active, being active means I mean that you have to know things a bit. When you are getting sufrating from Internet, you will see many additions in which people hide Virus if you click on that link or add the virus will start harming you by accessing your system. I am not saying that all aids are viruses. I mean to say that you look at things and click, what is our job, what is not of our work.

Step 2

You can use a top level antivirus for your system..

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