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Speech Recognition Applications : Fully Explain

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Speech Recognition Applications

Speech Recognition App | WIKES come with typing and language recognition. It changes audio files to text files. Voice Typing I do not have to write anything from the keyboard. To do voice typing, you must have an internet connection on your computer or smartphone. Today Aapnote, Just press record, Speech notes, Transkei's like Ape are being used for note making from Vicus. Whatever will be said after doing them, the app will change the words immediately with the voice.


 Evernote | From the app you can make a reminder note to remember anything because it gives a lot of freedom to create a notice. You can create text, documents, web pages, images, and audio notes along with it. And they can also easily share them. If you like an article and you want to keep it safe with yourself, whether it is webpage screenshots, PDFs or any other form, Evernote web clipper Chrome extension can do this task very easily. Evernote web clipper | You can download the extension from Chrome Web Store.

Just Press Record

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Just Press Record | If you want a great dictation, just download the just press record app on the Google Play Store. This is a mobile audio recorder, which comes with the features like single tap recording, transcription and iCaloud device sync. The best part of this app is that its transcription service is the best. If you are working with foreign or any international group, its best thing is that it supports more than 30 languages. There is also a command for punctuation.

Speech Notes

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Speech Notes | The sound is a good app that changes the words. It can easily prepare articles from taller languages. Google voice recognition | Powered by the engine.


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Transcribe | It is used to convert words and video memos to words. Transcribe is a popular scientifical app that is operated by Artificial Intelligence. This allows you to do high-glossy and readable transcripts.
Speech Recognition Applications : Fully Explain


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